𝐐𝟏: How do I know whether my order is successful?
𝐀𝟏: We will Whatsapp you, email you or directly call you when your order is successfully reach. If there is no notification, please do kindly reach out to us in our Contact Us page for any further information.

𝐐𝟐: When do I receive the items after placing an order?
𝐀𝟐: We will do a simple notification on product arrival status for every item, items will be shipped mostly on working days. We will deliver your order as soon as possible after the items arrive. Please inform us in advance if there is any inconvenient time for you to receive the items.

𝐐𝟑: Delivery Time on my expected items?
𝐀𝟑: Your items will be shipped within the range of 10-15 working days after online payment is made. You will receive your items at the expectancy of 3-7 working days after shipping has been concured. Currently, every location in Malaysia is able to be delivered.
𝐐𝟒: Can I still add item to my order or amend my order that has not delivered?
𝐀𝟒: If your order has not been delivered to you yet, you can amend or add your order. However, delivery date will rescheduled and shipment will still be free of course. Contact our customer service if there is any issue in ammending your order or adding any of our items to our store carts.

𝐀𝟏:我们会透过Whatsapp,电邮或拨打电话来通知您关于您是否下了订单的消息. 如果您没有接受到任何的消息,您可以在Contact Us的页面里来联络我们

𝐀𝟐: 我们会持续的通知您包裹邮寄的消息. 我们的发货时间是在于星期一至星期五. 我们会尽快的把您的包裹邮寄给您. 如果您有任何不便的时间来接受包裹,您可以在Contact Us的页面里通知我们以让我们更改或协调一个新的邮寄时间

𝐐𝟑: 包裹的邮寄时间
𝐀𝟑:在您完成付款后,您的包裹会在大约10-15天内发货. 在订单确定后, 您会在大约3到7个工作天收到您的包裹

𝐀𝟒: 如果您的订单还没寄出,您可以更改或增加订单. 但是邮寄的时间会被重新调整(免费的更换). 如果您有任何关于更改或增加订单的疑问,欢迎联络我们的客服